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We've spent years crafting and improving our CO2 extraction process to create consistent cannabis medicine for you. Our Golden 10 process highlights the ten steps we use in every extraction. You deserve to know how your medicine is made, so we detailed our process for you to learn more.​

The Golden 10

By Golden Trends


Preparing cannabis for extraction.



Finding The Right Input

It all starts with finding the best cannabis. The quality of your oil depends on the quality of the cannabis and the type of extraction process. We go the extra mile to work with the best farms in Oklahoma. Each farm we consider has to meet a high standard of quality on all fronts including testing, business ethics, and quality cannabis.



Cannabis Quarantine

The cannabis from the farm immediately goes into a secure room where it remains in quarantine until it passes our in-house and external, third-party tests.



Prepare For Processing

Here, we take the cannabis and put it through two different screening processes. First, we conduct a manual inspection. Our team hand sifts through the material to remove anything that shouldn’t enter the extraction machines. Next, we do a mechanical screening.


Retrieving the medicine from the plant.



Curing The Cannabis

The first step of the extraction is curing. Before we can pull the THC and other cannabinoids from the plant, we need to dry the plant material. We take the cannabis and place it in ovens designed specifically for this process.



Creating Cannabis Oil

This is where the magic happens. We place the baked cannabis into our industrial CO2 extractor. Here, the cannabis interacts with CO2 gas, heat, and pressure, to pull the full spectrum of cannabinoids from the plant material. Most extractors use Butane, a gas-like chemical found in lighters to target only the THC molecule from cannabis. We use CO2, a compound found freely floating around in our everyday environment to pull all active cannabinoids from the plant. The result: a dark amber oil filled with THC, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids present in the plant. Once the oil is separated from the plant, we test it internally for potency.

The right combination of cannabinoids and terpenes combined with THC gives you full, well-rounded, specific experiences.

We dedicate the next 5 steps to purifying our oil to give you clean and consistent products.


Creating the best possible oil.



Colder Than The Arctic

The crude oil extracted in the last step is filled with everything that makes cannabis a special medicine. It’s also filled with unwanted compounds like fats and lipids. If you’ve ever used a vape and felt a burning sensation in the back of your throat, you inhaled plant fat heated to over 400°F. We combine the freshly extracted oil with alcohol, and freeze it for 8 to 24 hours to separate unwanted compounds from the cannabinoids. Afterward, there is a thick layer of solid fats ready to be filtered out of the oil.


Triple Filtration

Pressurized Filtration

Next, we pour the freezing cold oil/alcohol mixture into pressurized filtration funnels. These are fitted with thin, micron-range filters to help separate the unwanted particles from the oil. The pressure and low-temperature help separate the cannabinoid compounds from the other material, leaving behind a waxy, pancake-like substance that we easily remove. The resulting oil has a nice amber, tea-like color.



Rotational Evaporation

Our next step is the rotary evaporator, a large bulb that spins up to 300 times per minute, with gentle heating and reduced pressure. This process removes the alcohol from the previous steps, resulting in oil that is like rich honey, thick and light brown. Most processors stop here, but on a microscopic level, there is still unwanted plant material keeping the oil impure. Our next steps are to remove the impurities on a molecular level to produce the cleanest possible oil.



Heat Vacuum Refinement

This step is all about removing the microscopic impurities left in the oil. We heat the oil in an airless tube, creating a microscopically thin layer of oil. The heat and negative pressure are so strong, that they break the bonds holding any remaining unwanted plant material and alcohol, then separates them from the cannabis oil. The resulting oil is a pure, clear-yellow oil that looks and tastes great. We conduct an internal potency test to ensure cannabinoid preservation. If the oil passes this test, it moves to the final step.



Small-Batch Artisanal Completion

Our final step is a high-resolution, proprietary purification of the oil by our experienced extractors. Based on the strain and cannabinoid composition, conditions are optimized and used to manually refine the material in small batches. The final product is a clear, high-purity oil with a subtle color that is ready for incorporation into vapes, edibles, and other Golden Trends products.

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